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New Students

Welcome to Queen Mary

We're delighted you're joining the Queen Mary community. Use the menu to help you find all the information you need as a new student.

Welcome to Queen Mary

Joining Queen Mary

We’re delighted you’re joining our community here at Queen Mary. We understand that you may not be able to come onto campus for Welcome Week, or even for the first few weeks of term, but we look forward to welcoming you to London when you are able to arrive.

To help you prepare for life at Queen Mary – whether you are joining us on campus in September or online – we have put together some information on this webpage to introduce you to Queen Mary’s support services and life as part of our community. We have produced a series of guides and other information that will be available on the University’s virtual learning environment, called QMplus.

From September 2020, we will offer our students world-class online provision, supplemented by face-to-face campus-based educational activities for those who are able to travel to our campuses.

Our virtual learning environment – QMplus – will be one of the first things you log on to as a student. We recommend you become familiar with it before you start your degree programme in September, particularly as so much of our teaching will initially take place online.

To login, you will need the username and password which has been emailed to you by IT Services. Log in via Once you have chosen your modules they will appear in your dashboard for you to engage with – until then, you will see resources to help you settle in and answer any questions that you may have.

If you are able to join us on campus in September, we will ensure that our premises and activities follow government guidance and that we are Covid-19 secure. We are re-configuring our campuses, including our lecture theatres and other learning spaces, our libraries, and our study and social spaces, to ensure that we can all stay safe.

If you’re able to travel later on in the semester, then we’ll make sure your transition to campus life is stress-free and enjoyable. We provide updated and comprehensive information about offers, exams, exam results, enrolment, learning and support, fees and funding, and visas on our dedicated applicant FAQs.

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