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Education liaison


A warm welcome from the Education Liaison Team. If you are supporting students who are progressing into higher education or who are interested in studying at the University of Queen Mary, we are here to help you.

We offer a range of projects and activities for teachers and advisers, staff in IAG roles, tutors and curriculum staff. Find out more about us and how we can support you in the sections below.

Digital Content Hub

We have recently introduced a new content hub which includes a range of resources and information about forthcoming virtual events, designed to support students, parents/carers and teachers/advisers. You can access the hub here.

Talks and Campus Visits 

If you work with year 12 or 13 students at a school or college in the UK and would like to request a university-themed talk, on-campus visit day or to invite a representative from Queen Mary to attend a HE Fair or Parents' Evening, please submit a request by emailing

These outreach activities are organised and delivered by staff in the QMUL Widening Participation and Outreach team. The schools targeting strategy used by the team identifies key regions, schools and colleges that we work with as a priority, but staff at schools and colleges across the UK are encouraged to contact the team. 

Below are the university themed talks available to request. Talks normally last 30-40 minutes but can be adapted.

Why Go to University?

This is an overview of the options, opportunities and choices available to students considering higher education. The talk also covers the many advantages of higher education. This talk is recommended for students just starting Year 12, or for parents.

Choosing Courses and Universities

A more detailed look at how students can narrow down the vast array of higher education courses and universities, to make their final decisions. This talk looks at the pros and cons of different types of universities, different courses and different course structures, and how students can maximise their chances of securing a place on their chosen course. This talk is recommended for Year 12 students who are at the start of their research process, or who require a small push in the right direction.

Personal Statements and the UCAS Process

Universities see the very best and the very worst of personal statements every year – let us tell your students what universities are looking for and how students can persuade Admissions Tutors that they deserve a place on their course. The talk also covers the mistakes commonly made by applicants, and how to avoid them. This talk is recommended for students at the end of Year 12, or at the start of Year 13.

Reference Writing

When universities are trying to distinguish excellent candidates from one another, the UCAS reference has become increasingly important. This talk tells you what universities are looking for from a reference and how you can improve your students' chances of getting a place. This talk is recommended for staff who write UCAS references.

Student Life

What is life at university really like? Where do students live? What do they actually do? This talk explains all: the good, the bad and the ugly! This talk is recommended for any Year 12 or 13 students.

Studying in London

Choosing to study at a university in London brings many advantages that a student will struggle to find elsewhere – but does this all come at a cost? This talk explores the advantages of studying in London and gives some tips on how to make the most of it. This talk is recommended for any Year 12 or 13 students who is still deciding where they would like to study, or who are interested in studying in London specifically.


University interviews, or any interview for that matter, are an understandably daunting experience. This talk tells students what to expect, how to prepare and how to impress the interviewer. This talk is recommended for Year 13 students who have interview offers, or who have applied to competitive courses or universities.

The Queen Mary Experience

Queen Mary, University of London is an academic institution with a long past and an exciting future. Our status as a member of the Russell Group tells you a lot about our qualities in teaching and research, but this talk fills you in on the rest. This talk is recommended for anyone with an interest in Queen Mary, University of London.

HE Fairs and UCAS Conventions 

An updated list of HE Fairs and UCAS Conventions highlights the locations whereby QMUL representatives will be on hand to answer prospective students questions. 

Prospective students can also be encouraged to attend QMUL Open Days to speak to staff and students across the university or book onto a Campus Tours which run weekly. 



Medicine and Dentistry tips

Resources for students who are considering applying to Medicine or Dentistry degree courses.

Geography resources

These resources are mostly generated from our East London GA events. These resources are regularly updated and designed to update subject knowledge or for use in the classroom

Rastafari in Motion: Resources

Professor Robbie Shilliam, from the School of Politics and International Relations, has co-created a multi-format online resource which tells the story of the presence and impact of Emperor Haile Selassie I and the Rastafari movement in Britain. Based on extensive research the resources are ideal for teachers of key stages 3 and 4.

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