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We offer an extraordinary range of modules, enabling students to pursue their passions while maintaining their curiosity

Top 100 in the world

(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020)

Historians in the School range widely in their chronological and geographical reach and the ways in which they study the past: from the birth of Islam to the lives of early modern nuns, via pirates in the Pacific; from African monarchs and American presidents to the architecture of London and the capital’s depiction on film. This diversity underpins your ability to build a degree that suits you. As a result, our undergraduate historians are consistently among the most satisfied in the Russell Group, and the QS World University Rankings 2019 ranked us as one of the top 100 History Schools in the world.

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The large variety of history modules that Queen Mary offers was a main factor as to why I chose to study here. The campus environment makes the bustling city of London feel welcoming and accessible.
— Priya Bahi, History BA (2020)

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