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Clearing and Adjustment

Clearing and Adjustment

Clearing at Queen Mary is now closed to UK and EU applications, but there are still international places available.

Latest information on 2020 entry 

Queen Mary is now closed to UK and EU Clearing applications. However, some international places are still available through Clearing.  

International students

Guaranteed accommodation when you apply to Queen Mary through Clearing

Get the complete university experience with a guaranteed room in Queen Mary halls, or with one of our partner providers.

If you apply to Queen Mary through Clearing and receive an unconditional firm (UF) offer, we'll guarantee you a room. All you need to do is submit your accommodation application as soon as you can once you've received your unconditional firm offer. We'll start allocating rooms from 20 August. We understand there may be delays in you receiving confirmation of a place at Queen Mary. Please do not worry, this is being taken in to consideration.

Learn more about our exceptional undergraduate accommodation at Queen Mary, and get more detail on our guaranteed accommodation offer.

How does Clearing work at Queen Mary?

Are you interested in learning more about the Clearing process, including how to apply and what happens if you're made an offer? Take our short online course to discover more about Clearing and get your questions answered.

Chat to our students

Want to know more about life at Queen Mary? Our current students are available to answer any questions you may have about their personal experience at our university. 
Check out their profiles and start a conversation! Chat to our students online now.

Applying to Queen Mary with a BTEC?

We welcome applicants with a broad range of qualifications, including BTEC. Learn more about what courses you may be able to study at Queen Mary with BTEC qualifications.

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